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'If we can support one generation of childbearing women to be free from stress and fear, we would change the mental wellbeing of the next generation and with that, change the world'.

~Darcey Croft, specialist perinatal midwife Tweet

it's a journey

The mothermind, What is it?

When a baby becomes part of your life. If you’re trying to conceive, grow or raise a new baby, your world and everything in it changes fast. These new experiences, physical and emotional disruptions can sometimes make it feel like you’re lost in space, not knowing where to go for support or who to ask for help.

While there are many wonderful sites for pregnancy and babies. I noticed not many were dedicated to the mental health of mum and baby. My clients and many like them said they felt forgotten and stigmatised because no-one was talking about it,

This site is to address that. Because for many, physically and emotionally there is a lot to take on board. There are so many things to think about. More often than not, worries and concerns get in the way of a what should be a wondrous time and leave you feeling depleted and overwhelmed. 

 As a specialist in perinatal mental health and with an expertise in mindset mastery, my job is to support anyone who feels their life could improve. My site is a no fluff, raw guide to benefit your mental health and support lifelong wellbeing.

Like the idea of someone holding your hand through the mental pitfalls of pregnancy and beyond? 

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A wise strategist, Marcus Aurelius, once said:

What Stands In The Way Becomes The Way.”

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& not feel defeated or burdened during your maternal journey. 

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Start here if you are getting ready, have just found out or are pregnant.
This path is about enjoying the experience of pregnancy whilst minimising your stress.


The delivery and arrival of your little one brings can be peak time for anxiety.
If this time is a mental obstacle for you or the time is nigh.
Take this path.

New Beginnings

After all your hard work, you are no longer pregnant.
Motherhood transforms you.
The path leads you to physical mountains, emotional valleys and across spiritual seas.
Things will never be the same again, embrace the journey. 

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