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Trying for and having a baby can often be a stressful time. With fear, worry and stress oftentimes stealing joy from this elemental life event.

However with good support ALL challenges can be overcome. This is my purpose, to help women find peace of mind, gain confidence and become happier at this critical time in their lives. 

My expertise in subconscious transformation, as a specialist in perinatal mental health and a midwife give me a unique set of skills to support anyone needing guidance. I have the knowledge, the experience and the empathy to help you feel better so you can focus on what’s truly important, life. 

And, because life-long happiness is so influenced at this time. I’ve launched the MotherMind and (coming soon) it’s memberhub to stimulate connection, confidence and peace of mind for anyone needing help with the psychological challenges of fertility, pregnancy and early years. 

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