Reasons not to meditate

18 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Meditate

Everyone talks about the upside of meditation but to strive for perfect balance you should consider reasons why you shouldn’t meditate.

What really are the downsides of this recommended and beloved practice?

Meditation Expectation vs Meditation Reality

Well, it turns out you shouldn’t be looking to get something from a daily habit of meditation.  Because you only get things from shopping and the possession of things.

If you’re looking to possess and to own things. You should go stop reading this and head off to Amazon right away!

Meditation is for people who can handle the idea of losing.  

reasons not to meditate

Yep, meditation is for losers.

Lose, losing, losery, losers. 

This includes fully embracing the idea of losing…

  • That inner critic, nagging incessantly on and on
  • Your overblown need to feel more than enough
  • Your attachment to failure
  • Your attachment to success
  • Your attachment to attachment
  • Your attachment to non-attachment
  • Unhappiness
  • Frustration
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Labels that form and control your identity
  • The need for control
  • A sense of Being
  • A sense of Nonbeing
  • Awareness that you have lost anything
  • Nonawareness of losing anything

And so on…

When you meditate, you just keep losing and losing more and more 

And the more you lose, the more emotional and spiritual freedom you gain.  

When that kicks in. You begin to feel an awareness that the nothingness is not just a blank void. It is a glorious bright symphony of universal laws, a hubbub of activity, flowing deep with connections and awash with infinite possibilities.

To a busy mind, this quiet stream of consciousness is easy drowned by daily and nightly crashing, rampaging, swirling thoughts. However, to one who doesn’t mind to lose. The one who quiets their mind with meditation. The one who embraces a well of natural harmony. They will be, just that.

A very well Being.

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Darcey Croft is a specialist perinatal midwife for Buckinghamshire HealthCare Trust. To receive more posts about improving perinatal mental health sign up below.

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