Five o’Eight, a midwife’s tale.

This is a story from my career as a midwife, about a baby I had the privilege to meet. It happened a few years ago now but has left an enduring memory. I call her Five o’Eight because I never knew her name and this is the time of her birth. She was born with […]

4 Steps to Shift Perspective & Change Everything

When facing potential stressors, the way we view what we’re experiencing can exacerbate our stress — or minimize it. Cognitive reframing is way to look at things in ways that create less stress and promote a greater sense of peace and control. If you don’t already use this stress relief strategy regularly, you may want […]

Introduction to Hypnosis

How much do you know about hypnosis? You probably know more than you realise. But, you might think it’s a load of old nonsense or just stage trickery where Uncle Kenny is turned into a chicken and had a riotous few minutes clucking about the stage. You may even believe it is a dangerous form […]